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"To give anything less than Your best is to sacrifice the gift."

In May 2011 I earned my Masters degree in Community Counseling. My thesis project focused on the connection between physical and mental health entitled, "Exercise as an Adjunct to Clinical Practice." Teaching group fitness along with my graduate studies has not only broadened my perspective of what it means to be healthy and fit, my desire to pursue a deeper understanding of the relationship between physical and mental health continues to be a burning passion within. It is my ultimate goal to promote and add exercise into western clinical practice.

I've been teaching group fitness classes since 2005 here in Fairbanks Alaska. I started out teaching cycling classes at the Alaska Athletic Club, when my boss at the club asked me to consider teaching Core Strength Class... "and the rest is history." :)

After a few years of working under my mentor and current fitness director at the athletic club, attaining Athletics and Fitness Association of America, Cycling, and Centergy certifications...while gaining lots of practice teaching Core classes, I was able to hone in on a new level of self-confidence as an instructor. My attendance numbers increased, more Core classes were added onto the fitness schedule in order to serve the growing Core Strength population and therein I found my love...my passion for teaching Core Strength. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and support Cheryl...I'm eternally grateful!

In my opinion, gaining a stronger Core feeds a much deeper part of us that far exceeds the physical body. It is my personal belief that when we gain awareness not only of the physical Core...in it's tremendous abilities and power... an inner Core awareness is illuminated as well...it is then that we open the door to a higher level of self awareness & balance...Awakening a more empowered center or Core, and promoting the ability to grasp a broader perspective of the world.

This new-found balance brings peace in clarity within each moment...recognition of "the gift"...the agility...the physical and mental competency....hence CORE STRENGTH.



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